Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a free, neutral, global, scarce, censorship-resistant, programmable, peer-to-peer money.

Humans have used stones, seashells, salt, pearls, animals, precious metals, paper, cigarettes and plastic as money, but only Bitcoin combines all characteristics of good money: scarcity, divisibility, mobility, verifiability, fungibility, longevity, censorship resistance. It‘s the best money that people have ever used.

1 – Bitcoin is energy and time.

Everything of value (except fiat money) consumes energy and time: your sleep last night; reading my post; building your house. How can you plan for your future and for the future of your children, if money can be created out of thin air? Bitcoin is different. Bitcoin uses proof-of-work. You need energy and time to increase the supply. You know how many coins will exist in 10, 50, 100 years. Bitcoin’s inflation will never be higher than the current 1.7% and will halve every 4 years.